the weeknd pt III

The conclusion to the very fun birthday weekend of March 16-18.
I've always dreamed of traveling to Europe but until then, 
I'll just take advantage of the little taste of Denmark that Solvang promises.

wine tasting

walking around while intoxicated

beer tasting

nachos; perfect drinking food!

cheese danish & chocolate milk for breakfast

my pink love

at paula's pancake house

danish pancake + danish sausage, scrambled eggs, and strawberries w/ fresh whipped cream

totally regret not buying this pink tie-dye "bad bladin' bonz" tee :/

great architecture

payphones? what are those...

'Til next year?


the weeknd pt II

As promised, the second set of pictures from my adventures in Solvang.

Amethyst crystal rock ball

Amethyst crystal rock table

bacon lollipops& bacon band-aids

Chocolate covered strawberries

meow art

horse head sculpture

pretty cutout window silhouette

antelope head sculpture

panoramic shot of an art gallery

I'm a Danish lieutenant

cheap man's fish eye

our bed from Hamlet Inn w/ a cute Danish flag blanket

king of the castle!

the view opposite of our inn, right in front of Paula's Pancake House

the cutest, most stylish inn at Solvang!

++++final set of pics coming soon!


the weeknd pt I

So, let's hear the bad news first so that we can end in a good note.
My 20th birthday was on Thursday and I celebrated by being belligerently drunk with my close friends,
adding another tattoo and enjoying a weekend trip to the wine country, Danish town of Solvang with my boyfriend.
I'm a big foodie and when I heard about the Taste of Solvang event, 
I thought it would be perfect since it was around the same time as my birthday.
Thanks to my boyfriend who bought the event tickets as my birthday present( ︠ु௰︡ू)♡!!
overlooking the Danish town

playing around


panoramic shots

the famous aebleskiver

goat cheese mousse tart w/ pea shoots & rhubarb syrup

belgian waffle w/ strawberries & fresh whipped cream

amethyst crystal rock for 4 Gs... LOLWUT

stopped by a really cool world religion shop!

my new black fur creepers!

my dearest
++++more pics to come!
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